Croatian Vacation

Surprise trip from Matt!

I knew we were going away for the bank holiday weekend.

I had a hunch it was somewhere different since recently he had said “Now that it’s spring, we should just go on random trips to Eastern Europe like, every other weekend.” I knew this trip was upcoming for a while, but I was so busy with work (see also the sporadic nature of these blog posts) that I didn’t do much digging and absolutely zero Matt’s Google Chrome browser history snooping.

I still had literally no idea where we were going the morning of our trip. At one point or another in the week leading up to the trip, Matt had said all of the following:

  • The temperature will be about 18 degrees (Celsius)
  • The flight is between one and four hours
  • Someone from my gym was correct; they had guessed Greece, Barcelona and Rome
  • We had to exchange our Euros for something else

For those of you playing the home game….two of those things exclude each other, so let’s just throw away everything Matt said and worry about it later.

So Friday morning rolls around and I’m all packed up for work and this mystery trip. I now know our flight is between 7pm and 8pm, so I need to be at the airport by 6pm. He only gave me this information because he is smart and I am a snooper.

At work, I check our bank account and notice the charge for the Ryanair flights. So now I know we’re flying Ryanair and I have a one hour window (and an idea that it ain’t London or somewhere close because of the price). But it wasn’t until my coworker came by that I did the googling of flight times. ZADAR, CROATIA. That has to be it or Matt way overpaid for flights to Western Europe.

And so it was!!!!

We arrived late Friday night, but there’s a super convenient bus that meets each Ryanair flight (basically) to take you to the main Zadar bus depot or into Old town. We were staying in a top floor airbnb in Zadar’s walled Old Town. We like top floor airbnb’s with no elevator (see: Nice).

Saturday morning we were up early (northern latitudes, man, that sun is up early) so we walked around Old Town a bit, chatted to some boat operators and decided to boat on Sunday and rent a car on Saturday.

We drove up to Plitvice National Park (we LOVE national parks: see….our wedding. That’s not on here. But. I assume you all know me in real life). The temperature dropped from 18 degrees to about 8 by the time we got up there.

But the waterfalls were simply stunning. I imagine spring is a great time to go up there. When we got back to Zadar we ran into two traditional Croatian wedding parades. (missed opportunity)

Sunday we boated around Kornati National Park. I’m going to let the photos do the talking on this one, too.



^^church on Sundays

Monday we hung around Old Town, saw either a protest or a parade for International Worker’s Day and climbed to the top of a bell tower. Stairs are a thing we do.


Stunning city. With a crazy history. In a really cool country.



OMG I didn’t even tell you about the sunsets.


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