Why I had to go to the GNIB again.

On Monday May 1st, we were flying back to Dublin from Zadar, Croatia (note to self, write blog about Croatia). The line at immigration (for non-EU passport holders) was particularly long. We were coming off a string of bad luck in this line, chatting about how long it was taking recently. Little did we know….today was our day.

We get up to the counter. Hand over our passports and GNIB cards and play along with the chit chat with the immigration officers. OfficerS. There were two guys at the one window. Normally, I wouldn’t mind/notice but this story gets a little embarrassing, so it was well noticed that there are TWO of them.

“What do you do in Dublin?” one officer asks.

“We work.” says Matt.

Oh crap. I think. As soon as Matt said it (and never before this moment) I realise the stamp in my passport is a STAMP 3 which says I cannot work. No big. I have a work permit. I pay my Irish taxes. If this was an issue it would have come up.

“What do you do?” the officer asks us each in turn. “I’m a researcher.” “I work at Trinity.” He flips through each our passports. He asks me “What exactly do you do?” I try to explain. He says, “But you have a Stamp 3. You’re not supposed to work. Me: “Yes. That’s why I have a work permit.”

“Do you have it with you?”

“No.” I did not bring my work permit on my #croatianvacation.

“Do you have a picture of it? Or something in an email?”

My phone is on a whopping 4% of battery life as I scroll through emails. No, I don’t have it in an email. I got a phone call when it was accepted. Then it was mailed directly to Trinity and hand delivered to me when I signed my contract. I have an email that has my applicant #. That is apparently kind of helpful. I start scanning through photos. And then. Suddenly. I’m like. “Oh! I have a picture of it…..kinda.”

I start scanning through photos. And then. Suddenly. I’m like. “Oh! I have a picture of it…..kinda.”

I’m pretty much cry laughing as I hand my phone over to the TWO immigration officers. The main guy shows it to his buddy who is definitely laughing.

One of them has to two finger zoom in while the other tries to decipher the pertinent information.

They scold me for not having re-registered with INIS. Tell me to get an appointment ASAP. And let us through immigration. I glance behind us to see the line has not moved. Becuase of us. Because of ME. Today, it was me. I was the person holding up the non-EU passport line at Dublin airport.

But it won’t be me again, because I have an appointment at the GNIB (they do online appointments now! No 5:00am line of death) to re-register and get a new Stamp.

Sidenote: passport is getting kind of full.

Endnote: will blog last two trips I promise.

P.S. How has this never come up before, you ask? Every other time they have only spoken to Matt! And he says I’m a researcher. And they are happy enough. Don’t even consider that I could maybe work. Being a wife is enough, apparently. They ask for my Smith degree and shred it and then wave us through.


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