Don’t bring your facial care routine to Ireland…

I’ve never had the best facial care routine. I’ve always been blessed with great skin. My wedding videography complimented me on my skin; a guy I was dating once told me my skin was best feature. I never struggled with acne. {I know. Hate me.} I had great skin. 

As a child…look at that golden glow. 

And as an adult. 

Side note remember when I had a pool in my backyard?
I had a great tan. And great skin. Which is a great combination. 

Then. We moved to Ireland. 

My skin got pale. My skin got dry. My skin said “no.”

Now granted. I’ve never had the best skincare routine. Blend some moisturiser (ok. Drugstore lotion) with my foundation. Rub it into face. At some point I read a friend from Smith College’s blog and got a blender sponge. (Thanks Ali). But really. I was never too fussed. 

I just returned from a weekend in London with Cristi (my second palest friend). Here’s a photo of us at my bachelorette party. 

This is us now (and Big Ben). 

I am a new colour. (<–and I spell things differently now. Sorry, Cassie). A lighter colour. A whiter white.  And my skin is dry. So dry.  I tore a path through duty free Heathrow this morning on my way back from London picking up every kind of moisturiser (<–sp) and a new shade of foundation (rip tan skin). 

Do you know what my husband asked me this morning?

“Babe. My skin is so dry. Do you have any moisturiser?”


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