Nice, FR

In search of warmer weather we ended our France trip in Nice. As mentioned in my Reims post, I wish we had taken the train, but we flew. And that’s fine. We had to take the train back to Paris, and then we could have public transited down to Orly Airport but we took an Uber. We also Uber’d from Nice airport to (close to) our Airbnb in Vieux Nice (old town). Our flat was a ridiculous five floors up and the kitchen and bedroom had slanty roofs. 

But it was spacious, one block from the flower market (which is an everything market) and two blocks from the beach and had awesome views of old town. I would totally stay in this same flat again. (spoiler alert I loved the south of France).

There are WAY too many good restaurants in Nice. We had lovely Italian food, French food, Moroccan food, and a lot of baguettes. Baguettes, baguettes, baguettes. One afternoon we were sitting on the beach (maybe drinking wine) and Matt asked what my favorite part of France was and I responded with 0 second delay “bread.” I don’t know that I would change this response. ❤ bread.

Our first morning in Nice we clambered up to the Chateau de Nice for Riviera the views. There’s a cemetery up there as well.

From Nice, we also pretended we were flashy and visited Monaco. (side note, this was kind of a “why not?” plan and neither of us brought our passports and it did not matter) We saw fast cars, and mansions with clementine trees and casinos. And we gambled our money away at Monte Carlo. Oops. That was quick.

We also went to Cannes which was surprisingly quiet. I thought there would be more to do than Nice, but certainly not the case in winter. There’s heaps of shopping and a nice Mediterranean Sea promenade. But without the film festival or the night clubs. There’s not much. Maybe we’ll come back and go clubbing the summer. Lol. No. 

I think it was New Year’s Eve when we were in Cannes. That night we went to a cheeky cabaret show which was fun and flashy. And kind of silly. 

On New Year’s Day we went to Eze (again by train) and undertook an overly ambitious “walk” (hike).

 OK maybe we followed the wrong directions but it turned out amazing. We walked/hiked from the Eze train station up to Eze (past homes with stunning terraced gardens and infinity pools). From Eze… we hiked up up up up up to 510 m high. From there. I can’t even begin to describe the 360 degree views. The mediterranean sea to one side and the Alps to the other. Well worth the steps.

I think this is the second year in a row we’ve gone on a new year’s walk so I guess maybe this is a tradition now. The walk down was chillier. We caught a train back to Nice and were completely wrecked from our hike so we happily settled into a local happy hour of wine and pizza and people watching at Place Garibaldi.

Our flight back to Ireland was on the second, but not till later so we still got to wander around the port of Nice and just enjoy the warmer weather. I only bought four bottles of Champagne at duty free on our flight back (which was so FULL I had to put them and my backpack under my seat and had no leg room. It was a really uncomfortable flight. I had regrets of buying them at the time. I presently have regrets at only buying four).


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