Christmas in Paris

Oh hello 4:20am AirCoach.

OK. So AirCoach comes to a stop SUPER close to our house every hour. Actually if we walk five minutes further, every HALF HOUR. But we are always on the 4:20am AirCoach. It’s easy, cheap, reliable…. ❤ AirCoach.

This trip began like all others, but lasted much much longer. Oh and Matt almost got COMPLETELY run over by a taxi on the way to the AirCoach stop.

We flew RyanAir again. Their Paris airport is actually in Beauvais. So after “saving loads of money” by flying RyanAir we had to spend 17Euro each (and an hour) on a bus into Paris. My love affair with RyanAir is waning. Maybe with two incomes we will fly a…hmm shall we say…more complete airline.

Upon arrival in Paris, we were not actually very close to our hotel. But we were in PARIS…so I immediately put carbs and cheese in my mouth–err I mean we had a bite to eat before mastering the Metro. (Big shout to Paris Metro. So quick. On time. Easy. Everywhere. And only one car we got on smelled like pee).

We checked into our hotel (Hotel Palm by Astotel) which had an adorable balcony and if you leaned ever so precariously out….a view of the Eiffel Tower. The hotel itself was in an OK location…kind of between Montmartre and the center city area. But, breakfast was included, room was clean, and we had a great stay.

Again, we walk a lot. So we walked into Paris and stumbled into the Louvre. Matt said he was tired. I said “they’re open late on Fridays and there’s no line right now.” So we did it. We went to the Louvre on a Friday night after flying that morning (oh yea our flight was super delayed. Matt can tell you more about since I slept through us taxi-ing out to the runway and taxi-ing back to the gate and THEN waiting two hours. But I woke up for the drama between our super nice flight attendants and the woman two rows up from us). Anyway. Friday December 23rd is a great time to go to the Louvre. It was not crowded. We loved it. We missed more than half of it. But we loved it.

We woke up on Saturday (CHRISTMAS EVE!) with plans to go to the Musee D’Orsay. But we were kind of museum-ed out (I know I know…for shaaaaame). So I chose the Palais Garnier instead. I think I did an amaaaazing job *not* singing Phantom of the Opera songs the whole time. But there *IS* water under the theatre so knows what lives down there.

From there we walked down to the Champs Elysee and the Christmas markets….and also up to the Arc de Triomphe because was love walking! Stopped by a fancy grocery store to purchase cheese, champagne and snacks (and way overdid it but who cares, it’s Christmas!) before returning to our hotel before a late night service up at Sacre Coeur.

Christmas Day! Sleep in. Champagne. Notre Dame. Mulled Wine. Eiffel Tower. Indian Food for dinner (tradition for Kat&Matt. I know. We’re in Paris. We’re terrible).

We left Paris the next morning. Will keep blogging. I swear.




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