Weekend in Milan

It really would be easier to blog about travel if I did it immediately upon our return. We went to Milan the first weekend in December.

(Shhhhh. Secrets. I’m writing this in January. Whoops. A lot happened in that month. The Friday after we got back from Milan I found out I scored an interview for a *dream* job. More on that in separate post. But not to spoil the suspense, I’m only comfortable posting about it because it worked out well).

OK. So Milan. This was a trip that I planned as a surprise to Matt. He took Italian in college and had never been to Italy and the price was right on the Ryanair (bus with wings) flight and I was a little tipsy and my friend Bart convinced me to book it so I did. Oh yea, and Matt, Bart and I went to a rugby game and that was super fun. Another post for another time.

4:20 am aircoach to Dublin airport on Saturday morning. Aka. The usual. Easy flight to Milan. Oh wait. This flight left out of gate 206 (or something around there). These gates (200-210 I think) are arranged in the hexagon (octagon? nonagon?) at the end of a long hallway. They are super close together. They are all Ryanair flights. They all have departures between 6:15 and 6:35am. All the planes are sold out. People still line up for Ryanair flights. It is packed. And mad. And I affectionately call it the ThunderDome.

Anyway. MILAN! I bought the Milanopass but this turned out to be a mild rip off. We should have just bought transit tickets as we went since Milan is super walkable. Don’t buy the Milanopass.

Our airbnb was awesome! Super arty and forward and comfortable for two for the weekend. And in a great location. And close to Princi where Matt got a gazillion coffees and  it really was very very good. Our host recommended more places to eat than you could eat at in a week so we hopped off to one of his nearby recommendations for PIZZA. I had the buffalo mozzarella. Matt had something else, but mine was better.

Re-energized from our pizza we decided to walk to the Duomo… I was not prepared for either its size or splendor. 

We also hit the Leonardo museum, had a coffee-ordering incident (a “latte” is just warm milk) and headed off to the expo center for L’Artigiano in Feira (our Milanopass did NOT cover going this far on the metro and we paid a fine. Whoops).

Sunday we headed a roundabout way down to the Navigli district. I should mention we usually hit 20k a day when we travel. We had pizza for lunch again and it was delicious again. This time we SPLIT a buffalo mozzarella and another pizza with blue cheese and walnuts and honey. I don’t take pictures of my food as a general rule, but I think I need to start since most of my travel memories are food related. Oh we also had gelato. And I have a picture of that. So here ya go.


Monday we shopped! Window shopped. But still. Pucci, Bottega Veneta….all of it. Those were my favorites if anyone is doing some present-shopping for me. 

Then we had (insert surprised face here) pizza for lunch–this time I got a pizza with nduja and capocollo and…wait for it…a giant ball of burrata in the middle. I die. It was more cheese than any one human should eat. But I did. So there. And I still didn’t take a picture.

We hung out in a park till it was time to fly home.



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