When you haven’t posted in a while…

But have nothing relevant or exciting to post. Do you still post?

We had thanksgiving in Ireland. We were going to go to a meetup.com event for expats but we decided it was more “right for us” to stay at home just the two of us. Our first married thanksgiving.

I planned all week to cook a full meal in our tiny kitchen.

But I did it.

Turkey (Alton brown’s recipe), stuffing (store bought), mashed potatoes (Joel Robichon’s), cranberry sauce (mom’s/Adam corolla’s recipe), cornbread (Close but not as good as Rutherford Grill’s), macaroni and cheese, peas, sweet potato casserole, gravy, pumpkin pie and apple pie all made an appearance.

I found my frozen turkey at SuperValu (it was close enough to Christmas here). It was 4.4kg and €7.99. And I got to pluck some extra feathers out of it myself. Gag.

I found corn meal at the Asian store in Blackrock Market. I found jalapeños (for the cornbread) at Marks&Spencer and fresh cranberries too. The canned pumpkin is at Fallon&Byrne (with the €12.95 American cereal. Dublin’s getting notions). The last hard (for me) to find thing was stuffing which was in the refrigerated section of SuperValu. anddddd everything else was easy to find. But hard to carry home. In the rain. Of course it was raining. I should add 400m farmer carries to my workout log.

Overall, Thanksgiving with Matt was great. On Friday we had my new friend and her boyfriend over and it was even more great. Saturday we went to another couple’s house for another Thanksgiving. And Sunday I had some Smithies over to watch Gilmore Girls. It was a jam packed weekend. Of food and friends. That’s thanksgiving. Right?


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