Surprise! Weekend in Amsterdam!

Friday. 10:09am 

Google Hangout


Matt: hey quick question

Matt: do you need to be in town this weekend for any reason?

Matt: or can you do a getaway 


Fast forward (or just regular forward) because just 18 hours later we were walking to the aircoach bus stop to head to the airport. (Thanks air coach for being super prompt at 4:20am). 

Husband got us surprise last minute tickets to Amsterdam AND to the Crossing Border Festival to see my love, author and chanteuse of our first dance at our wedding… John Moreland. Best. Weekend. Ever. 

A little background on me. I’m Dutch (ok 1/4 Dutch. But that 1/4 resonates with me). My grandmother’s maiden name is van Eesteren. I look pretty Dutch. I speak no Dutch (except the basics like “hagel slag,” “speculoos” and “stroopwaffles”).

We arrived at Schipol airport. Which is also a train station. And also basically a mall. We each got a 2 day bus/train/rail pass for €20, and we were off. Public transit in Amsterdam is super easy to navigate. Walking however. Is not. I almost got hit by 2 cars. And I almost got hit by or walked into or runned over by a zillion bicycles. Bicycles. Bicycles. Bicycles. Amsterdam=bicycles. Sidebar shoutout to the moms on bicycles with a kid on the front, a dog in the back, and groceries on the sides following (and pushing) another only slightly larger child also on a bicycle. 

Bicycle parking at Amsterdam Central. 

We wandered around the city all morning. Found brunch at a trendy spot called The Breakfast Club, cheese tasted, wandered through a giant market (I love markets. I can’t help it), bought a speculoos cookie the size of my face, had beers in the red light district (that’s a lie. I had rosé) and made it back to the train station in time to head out to den Haag to check in to our airbnb. 

The Crossing Borders festival was so rad. We had a slightly harder time navigating den haag’s public transit (50% because our Amsterdam train passes don’t work in den Haag; 50% because I’m really bad at left/right/north/south/east/west) so we were late to catch PJ Harvey’s spoken word. But we saw the second half. We bounced around to some other acts before heading back to the Lutheran church where PJ and John performed. 

Oh did I not mention it was in a Lutheran church?!?

It was stunning. John Moreland is always stunning. But this was life shatteringly amazing. I have more videos. Because it was so good. So. So. So. Good. 

We saw some more bands and artists in den Haag before calling it a night. I passed out immediately upon return to the airbnb.

On Sunday we headed out to the coast. The weather was not good. We got caught in a crazy storm. But we saw this insane rainbow:

It was the most deeply pigmented rainbow I’ve ever seen. Contrasted by the darkening sky for the impending storm. I should ask a Physics teacher what made that happen. Brad?

We trained back to Amsterdam. Ate more cheese (long live Alpha Omega Cheese). Had brunch outside the Waag at ‘t loosje and did some solid people watching. Wandered the red light district. Went to the Van Gogh museum {spend more time in Amsterdam than we did!! Go to more museums!!!}   Had a drink on the canals, ate delicious Indian food at a place called KamaSutra, caught the train to the airport and the plane to Dublin and the aircoach home. 


Holland, we will be back. Promise. 


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