Quick Trip: Glendalough. 

As someone in Dublin without a car, and a strong desire to see the sights of Ireland, I cannot recommend Glendalough enough.  I highly recommend you follow our itinerary. 

Take the DART from Dublin (or in our case Blackrock) towards Graystones/Wicklow. Get off in Bray. Have brunch at Dockyard No.8. (@dockyard_no8). Walk into Bray. Catch the St Kevin’s bus (www.glendaloughbus.ie) outside of the town hall (which is now a McDonalds) at 12:10pm (not 12:10am as the bus stop sign says). Round trip bus tickets are purchased from the driver for €15 per person (€20 per person from Dublin if you are keen to skip Bray).

Let the bus drive you through the Irish countryside. It will drop you at the Glendalough visitor center. From there you can walk to the est. 7th century monastic village of St. Kevin. 

These pictures are before we got stuck in 20 minutes of serious downpour. It was seriously the most inches (centimeters….I’m working on my metric…I swear) per hour we’ve seen. Don’t worry. It got sunny again as we continued our walk toward Upper Lake. 

There are a variety of walks to choose from. Being that Matt hates his sneakers (and I overshot my quads on Thursday doing squats) we opted for the low route. Silver. I think? There’s like 10 colors. We got to see st. Kevin’s bed and the old mining village. On the way back we stumbled upon an old church and cemetery. 

It was a Sunday. And the irony was not lost on me that I hadn’t gone to church that morning to go on this little journey. We didn’t leave anything in this little offering and/or trash nook. 

But it was still a good day. 

We caught the bus back at 5:40pm. Warmed up at Harbor Bar which is right next to Dockyard…

Had dinner at Platform Pizza in Bray (they let me take “leftovers” home!! A novelty in Ireland) and DARTed home. 


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