There. Are. Still. Milk. Delivery. Men. In. Ireland. 

As of September 2016. 



But they don’t deliver milk with traditional caps in glass jugs. Le sad. Sorry for the teaser photo there. 

They deliver the same milk you find the in grocery stores (ooh. That would make a good blog post. Marks & Spencer. Lidl. SuperValu…) in plastic jugs and cardboard containers. I discovered these facts as I arrived as my nanny job this morning (just before 7am) to two milk cartons delivered. My two and a half year old charge proceeded to point out which of her neighbors sleep in…errr…I mean…who has milk on their front step as we walked to school at 8:15am. But it seems milk delivery is rather common in and around Dublin (‘s suburbs at least). 

Based on how horrendous it was to sign up for curbside trash pickup* and my growing lactose intolerance I don’t think I’ll be signing up anytime soon.  But I appreciate the option. 

Thanks, Ireland. 

*a dozen phone calls to mostly Panda and also the Dún Laoghaire City Council and two meteor top ups later we have trash service. Also, big shout out to Mags at the meteor shop in Blackrock for teaching me about after that second top up. 


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