4th day in Ireland

I decided to spend my 4th day in Ireland registering at the GNIB. I thought it was good to get it over quickly. I was wrong. About most of that sentence. I had 90 days to register. But the sooner the better! I thought. 

On my 3rd day in Ireland I had a job interview. I assumed I would get the job and could be all: “here’s my PPS number! Here’s my registration card! Look How great I’m already doing.” (You don’t get a PPS number for registering. But I didn’t know that.)

No suspense here. I did not get the job. I tanked the interview. Like tanked. So bad. *shudders* 

Sorry if you’re reading this museum people. I would have been good at the job. But I could not articulate that. Since I hadn’t slept a full sleep in almost a week. Whoops

So ’twas the fourth day when I went to register. The GNIB opens at 8am. “We’ll get there early.” Matt said. We took the first DART at 6:00 am. Arrived at the office just after 6:15am. And the line. Was around the block. 

(pc: utv.ie). I can’t quite bring myself around to taking pictures of everything I would ideally need for this blog to look good. So I borrow. 😇

Anyway. Apparently. At midnight. The line (queue) looks like this. 

(pc: wsm.ie)

I die. 

So the GNIB runs on a silly queue system. You take a ticket. They only give so many tickets a day. If you get there too late (aka 8am) and there are no more tickets you try again another day. What ho. Good times. 

Anyway. We got a ticket. Number 133. We traded for a higher number so I would have time to leave and meet our internet installation guy (just kidding. That turned out to be just a delivery guy and I could set it up myself. But we didn’t know that) and Matt could go to a meeting. 

By the time I got back (1:30pm) I missed my number. I waited in a line (theme of the day!) and spoke to a women about jumping back in line. She said sure no problem. So as soon as Matt was back (3:30pm) we could find her and get my registration. 

She took my passport and €300 and I waited to get fingerprinted. All in all. I left at 5:30pm. Exhausted. But with a flashy little green card and permission to stay in Ireland as long as Matt is here too. 

All this to say. Ten days later Ireland changed to an online queue/appointment system. 

I would be upset… but I heard it broke already. 


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