First Day in Ireland

August 30th came quickly when you jump ahead 5 time zones.

From Raleigh I flew through Dulles (with a just long enough layover to find my gate and a giant glass of wine at the airport outpost of Chef Geoff’s) to get on the redeye to Dublin. I sat next to a charming 5 year old girl who proceeded to get airsick (??) during takeoff and landing. I didn’t sleep as well as I usually can on planes. I cried a little on the jetway getting on to the plane (that’s not embarrassing at all right?) but overall I made it to Dublin.

On the walk from the plane to customs there were Gaelic Football ads in which the players were holding American footballs. I couldn’t figure out why they were holding balls with BC and Georgia Tech logos on them. Were these the cheapest footballs they could find? Why not hide the logo? In the taxi ride later, I learned that on September 3rd, BC and GT were playing a college football game in Dublin’s Aviva Stadium. Ohhhhhhh. “See NFL stars of tomorrow…today.” Yea. Sure. Stars. Whatever. Moving on.

In customs they split you into four or five lines just before you see the agent. A woman, dissatisfied with the speed of her line, switched over to my line, behind me. I told her that was a bad idea. When it was my turn to see the customs agent….well…let’s just say I wasn’t the speediest American they processed that day. But thank goodness I had my marriage license with me not in my checked luggage.

As an American you can enter Ireland for up to 90 days no visa needed. The customs agent told me before that 90 days is up I need to register with the GNIB and gave me a little card. He stamped my passport (yay! I hate it when you don’t get a physical stamp) and off I went to reunite with my luggage.

I took a taxi to Matt’s office to get our apartment keys and continued on to our flat in Blackrock.

All I wanted to do was shower and nap. We had no soap. No towels. No bedding. Next time I move to Ireland….I am bringing one bar of soap, one towel and one blanket with me.





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