Last day in Raleigh…

August 29th was a weird day.

I woke up in my mom’s guest bedroom (that was getting less and less weird to be honest). My flight to Dublin was at 7:00pm. Which left the whole day to just….wait. I did a last load of laundry. I got Bojangles for lunch. I packed. And re-packed. And weighed luggage. And re-packed again. I ended up with three pieces of checked luggage weighing in at 49.5, 48 and 46 pounds respectively. I paid $0 for bag one, $100 for bag two and $200 for bag three since luggage fees in the states are now officially out of control. But as soon as you go over 50 pounds they hit you with an ADDITIONAL $200 fee.

We left Holly Springs for the airport with “time to spare.” That was an understatement. I ended up checked in at the airport with TWO HOURS to spare. I hung with mom for a bit. Made her snap this picture of me so I could instagram it. And headed through security. Bye Raleigh!!


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